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I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t immediately think of Sir Mix A Lot when I first seen this beauty’s bodacious, curvaceous and plump ass. And, John would be lying if he said this girl didn’t set off every sex-radar in his body the moment this curvy beauty entered the lobby. The heels, that short dress, long legs and big God man, Epic! You just know by looking at this girl that she would be one that could send you to the ER, just by the view alone! There’s not a lot of back-story to how he met this girl, we are assuming he picked her up from a dating site or Facebook. Hey, we won’t complain. However he gets girls like this, we don’t care.

Meet Mina, a 32 year old MILF with a fine (and surprisingly firm-looking, like rubber) bubble butt and as you are soon about to find out, a deliciously smoothly-shaven snatch that just begs to get fucked by a handsome white bloke.If you love your Thai girls chubby (but not fat) then this girl will surely please your many senses. Not wasting any time, once back at the hotel room, John started taking sexy pics in various states of undress and pussy spread, then (like many girls before her) John was overcome with an insatiable desire to plow his pork sword deep into her fleshy vaginal regions after a nice taste of pussy that resulted in her cuming all over his face. Really, can you blame him, the view of this girl and easy-going nature of this sexual adventure was enough to drive most men wild as it is, but throw in a face splattered in girl cum? Yeah, it’s on!

John never said anything of the nature to us, but it’s obvious that regardless of how this babe has a nice and healthy-sized backside, plump plushy pussy mound and having already procreated, she has one heck of a grippy-looking slippery pussy. Maybe it’s the fact she’s barely 3 apples tall regardless of sporting a thick mid-region that his white-sized cock would fit like a new glove anyways! After fucking her some and sensing her cock-hunger, he mouth fed her some cock and boy oh boy, was she ever grateful! Delicate, deliberate and with sexual passion, she molested his cock with her mouth, tongue and lips, all over (balls, too!), before climbing atop this sex-pat and riding him like it was her ticket to fame!

Now, if that was all not enough, onto that ass again! From behind, getting fucked like the horny dog she is, she took a ferocious pounding that sent that phat back end jiggling, bouncing and moistening up with desire as she kept cuming over and over again… all over his cock! Man, this is what it’s all about! With a final fury of thrusts, John generously fills up her pulsing (and creaming) pussy before succumbing to that glorious phat ass again with a second cuming that gave her another healthy dose of his DNA!

Until next time, guys. Stay happy and stay horny!

Mina: Baby got back, and that’s a FACT! 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote