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Welcome to TukTuk Patrol! Much has been written and filmed about the enchanting experiences men have discovered while visiting the Kingdom of Thailand. For centuries, this little sliver of tropical jungle in Southeast Asia has been a cultural, religious and economic crossroads. The area has also had no shortage of political and natural unrest throughout its history. To most in the West, then very mention of "Thailand" conjures up a colorful array of mental imagery. If you haven't been there, it evokes idyllic thoughts of that quintessential Asian paradise, where the pussy trade is just as important as the spice trade. In reality however, it can be anything but typical or predictable. Expect the unexpected in Thailand; there's a lot more to it than the pretty beaches and Buddhist temples on the travel TV shows.

While it already has a World renowned reputation for its expansive red-light districts full of bewitching women and unbridled sexual debauchery, we rarely get to see what truly happens through the eyes of a single male traveler seeking out depravity. Sure, there have been books, watered-down TV versions, internet forums, jumpy tourist videos and attempts to portray the sex with bargirls on porn websites; but they all seem to come up short. You feel there's an element being left out one way or another. In the non-explicit depictions, you're missing the explicitness that is part of the true experience. In the XXX videos, they only give you the explicitness; an overly-painted, costumed, almost caricature-like rendition of how a true Thai bargirl would look, act and feel to the average foreigner like you.

We are here to change that. Welcome to TukTuk Patrol my Asian pussy-loving male friends. The World's First Thai website bridging the gap between tame tourist depictions and hardcore sex with real Thai girls! We begin our pussy hunts by utilizing the local 3-wheeled transportation, or Tuktuk, that any tourist would use on the streets of Thailand. Inside our Member's Area, you will be privy to a unique, first-person perspective of the exotic sights and sounds of Bangkok, Chang Mai, Pattaya and beyond. Our all-exclusive weekly videos will provide a comprehensive look at genuine "encounters of a sexual kind" with beautiful Thai bargirls from the endless list of bars and clubs located throughout the this fascinating Country.

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