Huge Cum Facial For Naughty Returnee

(This model was 27 years old at the time of filming)


Welcome back guys and gals! Hard to believe it’s the beginning of May already! The shorts and skirts are starting to come out of the woodwork looking for dick back home but there’s always something walking around here with mile-high legs exposed already. All of which willing to take a huge cum facial from anyone white and handsome. It was no different this time with one of our new friends, whom we’ll call “Xcalibre”, back before the Corona lockdown drama. Though nowhere near his first time doing this with our crew of usual pussy-slayers, we sent him out with some gear in the direction of an easy hot fuck as soon as we heard that Tuktuk Patrol Mia was back in town a couple of months ago. Trust me, this huge cum facial was worth waiting for. You’ll love this facial video.

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We gave our boy here a spin through the ropes with a girl guaranteed to not only boost our already-awesome member appreciation, but also our man’s longjohn moral. Knock it out of the park, we always say. And boy, not only did he knock it out of the park… Mia here did things that would make any man wish to be in his shoes right then and there – guaranteed! Her greedy huge cum facial was just icing on the cake.

Between long explorative pussy touching, sensual deepthroat videography and wild girl-on-top cock-riding action, her slippery wanton holes make every single one of us glad to see her back. I’m not going to spoil all the details here but let us just say that from hair pulling to getting cum plastered all across her face after a nice and long 45-minute sex session, that she earned every single fucking drop this huge cum facial. Join our members area, press play and enjoy.

Until next time guys and girls, stay happy and stay horny!

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